Anyone ever play this gaming gem? Blast Corps for the N64 is possibly the most entertaining game ever. In this aptly named game your objective is to blow shit up. That’s right, all you do in this game is blow up buildings and various other structures, and guess what? By doing so, you’re saving the world! Yeah, it’s a pretty weak story: There’s a nuclear truck thing that for some reason needs to go through the middle of all these cities and towns, doesn’t know how to use roads, and can’t stop. So you have to clear a path for it. I mean, this kind of stuff happens all the time, right?

The best thing about this universe is that you’re commended for going back after you completed the level and blowing up whatever’s left. Because that makes sense. We took out half the town, might as well finish the job! (I love that they evidently didn’t warn people because survivors emerge from the rubble of some buildings you destroy)

The above is a fan-made video, but it’s a well done one with a fitting song that I think depicts the gameplay pretty well. My favorites are the flying robot and the gymnast robot, they’re incredibly fun to play as. 

I love how some games are getting really good at the storytelling nowadays, and I would love to work on a game with as engaging a story as some of the novels I’ve read, however I love that there are games like this that are just for pure fun. I really hope to see a sequel or remake of this game. Imagine all those explosions with the graphic capabilities of today? It could be such a visually stunning game. 

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